Macau Association of Homeopathy of the Macao Special Administrative Region ‘of the establishment of non-profit professional bodies. Since it was established in 2005, the Medical Association’s purpose is to: Homeopathy for all, universal access to homeopathy.
Macau Association of Homeopathy has been committed to the region in China to promote the concept of orthodox homeopathy, universal education and professional conduct, advocated the establishment of a homeopathic registration and regulatory framework to support fully in the culture of homeopathy, the official homeopathic bring Macau.
Macau homeopathic medicine will require all registered members to strictly abide by the Medical Association of the Professional Code, to shoulder the social responsibility to promote orthodox homeopathy, the goal is to ensure the overall quality of homeopathy and to enhance social awareness of homeopathy and image, so that homeopathic therapy in Macau by universal coverage.