Homeopathy does not work ?
fact : In a study conducted at the NHS Bristol Homeopathic Hospital 70.7% of 6,544 follow-up patients , treated for a wide range of chronic medical complaints , reported positive health changes . << Detail >>
Homeopathy is expensive and a drain on NHS finances ?
fact : The total amount spent on homeopathy in the NHS is approximately£4 million per year , representing just 0.0004% of the total NHS budget . In contrast the NHS spends £230 million annually on SSRIs (anti-depressants) which have been shown to be effective for only a small minority of patients . << Detail >>
Homeopathy is only used by a minority of people ?
fact : Homeopathy has never been more popular and millions use it worldwide . 15% of the British population have said they use it and rely on its health benefits . << Detail >>
There is no evidence ?
fact :  There is scientific evidence supporting homeopathy as an effective medical therapy . Of 163 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in homeopathy more have been positive (67) than negative (11) . RCTs are seen as the “Gold” standard for proof of medical efficacy . << Detail >>
Conventional medicine is more effective than homeopathy ?
fact : A clinical evidence survey carried out by the British Medical Journal found that out of 3,000 medical treatments provided on the NHS, 50% were classified as having “unknown effectiveness” . << Detail >>
It is just placebo ?
fact : Homeopathy has been used successfully on babies , young children and animals . In these cases the patients have no idea what medication they are taking , so the placebo argument does not hold . << Detail >>
Homeopathy is dangerous ?
fact : This couldn’t be farther from the truth . When used appropriately homeopathy is extremely safe as it produces no dangerous side-effects and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines . In comparison the European Commission estimated in 2008 that adverse reactions to conventional drugs kill 197,000 EU citizens each year .  << Detail >>
Homeopathic medicines can’t work because they are so highly diluted ?
fact : High dilutions of something are not nothing . They are water structures which mimic the original molecules . It’s not pseudoscience . It’s not quackery . These are real phenomena which deserve further study . << Detail >>